ITHE (or Ith), brother of Bilé who is No. 35 on the line of Milesius, was the ancestor of the Ithians. This Ithe was uncle of Milesius of Spain; and his descendants settled mostly in Munster.
35. Ithe: son of Breoghan, King of Spain.
36. Lughaidh [Luy]: his son; a quo the Ithians were called Lugadians.
37. Mal: his son.
38. Edaman: his son.
39. Logha: his son.
40. Mathsin: his son.
41. Sin: his son.
42. Gossaman: his son.
43. Adaman: his son.
44. Heremon: his son.
45. Logha Feile: his son.
46. Lachtnan: his son.
47. Nuaclad Argni: his son.
48. Deargthine: his son.
49. Deagha Derg: his son.
50. Deagha Amhra: his son.
51. Ferulnigh: his son.
52. Sithbolg: his son.
53. Daire (or Darius) Diomdhach. his son.
54. Each Bolg: his son; had a brother named Luy, who was the ancestor of Clancy of Dartry, in Leitrim; and some say, of Macaulay or MacGawley of Calry, in Westmeath.
55. Ferulnigh (2): his son.
56. Daire (2): his son; from whom the Ithians were called Darinians.
57. Luy: his son.
58. MacNiadh: his son. Sadhbh or Sabina, daughter of Conn of the Hundred Battles, was married to this Mac Niadh [Nia], by whom she had a son named Luy Mac con (cu; Irish, gen. con, coin, or cuin a greyhound, also a champion; Gr. Ku-on), to whom the soubriquet "Mac con" was affixed, because in his youth he was wont to suckle the teat of a favourite greyhound. After Mac Niadh's death, Sabina married Olioll Olum, king of Munster.
59. Luy Mac con: his son; the 113th Monarch of Ireland.
60. Aongus (or Æneas): his son; had four brothers: - 1. Fothach Argthach, the 118th Monarch of Ireland jointly with his brother Fothach Cairpeach, by whom, A.D. 285, he was slain; 2. the said Fothach Cairpeach, the 119th Monarch; 3. Duach, ancestor of Conell, O'Hennessy, McEirc, etc.; 4. Fothach Canaan, ancestor of MacAlim or MacCalum, Earls of Argyle, etc. From one of these brothers also descended O'Hallinan, etc.
61. Fergus: son of Aongus.
62. Luigheach: his son.
63. Aongus Bolg: his son.
64. Gearan: his son; had a brother named Trean.
65. Conall Claon ("claon": Irish, partial; Gr. "klin-o"): his son.
66. Ceann Reithe ("reithe": Irish, of a ram; "ceann" a head): his son; a quo O'Reithe.
67. Olioll: his son; had a brother named Trean, from whom descended St. Beoardh (8 March) of Ardcarn.
68. Fergus: son of Olioll.
69. Connacille: his son.
70. Maccon: his son.
71. Olioll (2): his son.
72. Dungal: his son.
73. Cobthach Fionn ("cobthach": Irish, victorious; "fionn," fair, meaning "the fairhaired victor"): his son; a quo O'Cobhthaigh, anglicised O'Coffey, O'Cowhig, Coffey, Coffy, and Coffee.
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