The name Wall is found in considerable numbers in that part of Munster which lies between Limerick and Waterford and in the counties of Leinster which adjoin this. It is of Norman origin, its earliest form being du Val, "of the valley", hence the form de Bhal in Irish and Duval in other parts of the world. The Walls have been in Ireland since the thirteenth century and when they first appear in Irish records they were called de Vale, alias Faltaigh or Faltagh. An alternative of de Vale was de Wale. Wale was, up to the end of the seventeenth century pronounced Wall, and thus the modern from of the name came into general use.
Though the name is now rare in Connacht and Ulster, it should be mentioned that families were well established in the western province in the sixteenth century and compilers of the "Composition Book of Connacht" treated them as an Irish sept, naming Walter Wale, alias the Fealtach, of Droughtie, Co. Galway as chief of the name. From the fourteenth century to the twentieth Irish Walls have made the name an honoured one. Three of them were bishops in the fourteenth century. Richard Wall (1694-1778), Spanish war minister was a famous man in his adopted country. Joseph Wall (1737-1802), who was born in Co. Laois, achieved notoriety in India and was hanged for his cruel conduct while British governor there. Patrick Viscount Wall, one of the Carlow Walls, was a notable figure at the court of Louis XIV and was murdered in 1787.
At home, Edmund Wall (1670-1755) was one of the Gaelic poets of the Jacobite period, Rev. Fr. Charles William Wall (1780-1862) was famous as a Hebrew scholar, Father Patrick Wall (1780-1834) was the constant patron of the Co. Waterford Irish scribe Thomas O'Hickey and more recently, Fr. Thomas Wall was a popular figure of the War of Independence.

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