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Don't Get Angry (Get Even) by Howard X. Geoghegan
Convinced there is a connection between Middle East narcotics and gun smuggling in Northern Ireland, US Treasury Agent, Frank Donovan, is instructed to meet police officials in Belfast and Dublin. He subsequently returns to Washington, only to find his car and apartment bombed and destroyed. Beleiving these murderous attempts will not stop, Donovan is pressed into early retirement and is given a new identity. Settling in Ireland, Frank unexpectedly finds himself again in great danger.
Ahhhhhh ... if only Ireland was really this exciting.

Heir Apparently by Veronica Dolan ($20.23 from Amazon.Com). In Veronica's own words ...
I'm a clan member who has written a murder mystery whose heroine is a genealogist. Here's the scoop on the book. "Heir Apparently" is set in 1995 Colorado, USA, and involves a bizarre videotaped will left by a murdered practical joker who seems to have the last laugh from the grave. The will demands that eight apparent heirs complete four increasingly difficult (and unpleasant) assignments in order to inherit all or part of a $240 million estate.. The plot involves multiple murders, greed, missing persons, social climbers, a decades-old infanticide, vows of secrecy and revenge. The good guys win in the end, of course. "Heir Apparently" sounds grisly but it's really is a very genteel mystery. And I'm a very genteel grandmother of 72 years. My late husband is the Geoghegan descendant. My ancestors were from County Down. Heir Apparently is a trade paperback (larger than usual-size paperback) published by 1stBooks Library. It's $12.95 US, plus shipping and handling from 1stBooks; a bit more from,, or Barnes and Noble ( Mystery fans can order from or call 1stBooks at 1-800-839-8640. Order online here.

By arrangement with WWW.ARALTAS.COM we are able to bring you a seletion of items featuring the Geoghegan coat of arms at special offer prices. Though the samples show the spelling "Geoghegan", as all these products are custom made, you can specify you own particular spelling of the name.

Professional quality prints are supplied on fine quality glossy photo paper. The prints are perfect for framing, but to reduce shipping costs are supplied unframed. Two sizes are available; A4 (8x10 inches) and A3 (11x16 inches).
Choose from three layouts
Simulated Wood Frame, Texture Effect background sample
Texture Effect background only (no frame) sample
Plain White, No Frame, No Background sample

A4 (8"x10") Print $15 (normally $25 - quote original transaction number "geoghegan")

A3 (11"x16") Print $25 (normally $35 - quote original transaction number "geoghegan")


Beautiful etched products are individually hand crafted by Doug Cowan of Northwest Creations, in Washington State. From the collection we are delighted to offer the following selection.

Clear Glass

Irish Coffee Mug (clear or cobalt blue) with Geoghegan coat of arms and recipe on reverse
Etched Irish Coffee Mug $25
(normally $40)
plus shipping at cost

Cobalt Blue glass

Finest 24% lead crystal traditional cut decanter and tumbler glasses etched with the Geoghegan coat of arms
Decanter and six glasses $235 (normally $260)
Decanter and four glasses $175 (normally $190)
plus shipping at cost

Sample shows O'Brien Coat of Arms for display purposes only

If you are in the market for other Geoghegan products at the regular prices or similar products for other surnames, check out the items on offer at

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