Coats of Arms Graphics

Please note that these are bitmap graphic files for delivery by email only. If you want hardcopy prints please look under "Products"


Coats of arms graphics are created, using CorelDraw, from text descriptions (blazons) recorded in our references. Unlike some commercial companies we do not take our graphics from an existing stock of artwork but custom make each to order. Even if we have previously create a graphic of the coat of arms, we will check it to see if it can be improved or updated in any way before sending it to you. We do use our in-house clipart as the basic building blocks. We are constantly upgrading the standard of our artwork, so the finished item you receive may differ slightly from an example you may have seen on our gallery site, some of which are quite old and created from inferior clipart.


The graphic will include the shield, mantling and helmet as well as crest and motto where these exist. Please be aware that not all coats of arms include a crest and even fewer a motto.


Graphics files are supplied in JPG format by default. We can also supply in most other bitmap formats.
Please do not ask for PDF or vector files such as AI, CDR, WMF, SVG or EPS as, for various reasons, including copyright restrictions, we cannot supply this type of file.

Size and Resolution:

Bitmap files are supplied to at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) in two sizes:
1. Approximately 600 pixels in width and proportional in height for screen display.
2. Approximately 2400 pixels in width and proportional in height for printing. With most printers these will output at about 8 x 10 inches. The quality of the print will depend on your printer and paper used, but will inevitably be less than what we can produce by printing from the original vector graphic.
We are also happy to supply, on request, bitmaps of any practical size and resolution within reason as well as PNG files with a transparent background (ideal for web display). If you want any of these options, just mention it in the "other information" section of the order form.

Colour Depth:

24 bit RGB colour i.e. 16.7 million colours.


Delivery is by email only and make take up to a week at busy times. We realise that other sites offer quicker delivery but this is probably because they do not custom make each graphic, but rather pull from a stock of prepared files.


If you are planning to order a print and also want a graphic file, there is no need to order this separately as we are happy to supply bitmap graphics free with all print orders.

Samples and Proofs:

We cannot provide proofs or samples in advance of an order. It takes as much time and effort to produce a proof as it does to create the full graphic. For examples of the quality of our work see the samples below.

Click on the graphics to view in full size

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

Sample 6

The following is a partial listing of the reference material we use when researching coats of arms.
"Irish Families" Edward Mac Lysaght - First Chief Herald of Ireland, Irish Academic Press, 4th Edition 1985, reprinted 1991
"The General Armory (of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland)", Sir Bernard Burke - Ulster King of Arms Heraldry Today, 1884, Reprinted 1996.
"Ordinary of British Armorials" by John W. Papworth, completed by Alfred W. Morant. 1874 reprinted 1985
"Armorial Général" J.B. Rietstap, 1884, Heraldry Today, Reprinted 1988
"Bolton's American Armory" by Charles Knowles Bolton.
"Crozier's General Armory" - William Armstrong Crozier
"Virginia County Records. Vol. V: Virginia Heraldica A Registry of Virginia Gentry Entitled to Coat Armor" - William Armstrong Crozier
"Fairbairn's Book of Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland" - James Fairbairn
"Complete American Armoury and Blue Book" - John Matthews
"An Ordinary of Arms: Contained in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland" - Sir James Balfour Paul
"America Heraldica" Edited by E. de V. Vermont, 1965
"The Irish Book of Arms" by Michael C. O'Loughlin, reprinted 2000
"Scottish Clan and Family Names - Their Arms, Origins and Tartans" by Roddy Martine revised edition 1992.
... and more from a constantly growing collection.
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